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1.  What is the fingerprint processing time?

    - it takes approximately 10 minutes 

2. What is the validity time for the fingerprints?

    - Will be up to the employee or to the lawyer 

3. Is there any parking lot in the surroundings? 

    - there is parking in front of the building 

4. Languages we speak

    - English and Spanish

5. How long does it takes for a divorce?

    - 6 to 8 Months for a court processing time 

6. Is open on Saturdays?

    - Yes! Saturday is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. entrance open at Westlake st. Wilshire entrance is closed on Saturday

7. Cleaning process system?

    - Our equipment is cleaned after each Customer

8. How old do I need to be to do my fingerprints? 

    - 18 years or more.

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