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Live Scan Finger Printing

We submit background checks request for the following purposes:

Work: Certified nurse assistant, child and elderly care, teacher for private schools, guard cards request,

therapists, loan agents, real estate agents, DMV, and more...

Immigration: Visa/Immigration request, CALDOJ Record review, and Expedited same day FBI results, Notary public, Immigration Consultant, liquor license permits, gun

license, and more...


FBI Ink-based card: FBI records request, Immigration detentions at the border request (card only)

Please make sure to bring proper identification document. If you are not sure where to get the proper form, click the following link:, or give us a call to guide you.  

No appointment is needed, please walk in, and wear your mask

Precise technology using up-to-date software to ensure accuracy and best results.


Live Scan Fingerprinting


Interpreter and Translation

Marriages and Divorces



notary public

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